SIZE 0 224 mm x 365 mm (8.82” x 14.37”) (Copy 330 x 480 mm) (A3+)
Ed. of 2 AP (Artist / Gallery Portfolio use only)

SIZE 2 530 mm x 701 mm (Copy 730 x 901 mm) (28,7" x 35,4")
Ed.of 3 + 1 AP

SIZE 3 650 mm x 851 mm (Copy 890 x 1091 mm) (35" x 43")
Ed. of 2 + 1 AP

SIZE 4 1000 mm x 1323 mm (Copy 1280 x 1603 mm) (50,4" x 63,1")
Ed. of 1

Museum Quality Archival Pigment Prints

Hahnemühle Fine Art Photo Rag ®  308 g/m2

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"Be a loner.
That gives you time to wonder,
to search for the truth.
Have a holy curiosity.
Make your life worth living.
I live in that solitude which is painful in youth,
but delicious in the years of maturity."

(Albert Einstein)


Barcelona, 1952

Lives in Mallorca, Spain; Works in Paris, France; Wanders in the American West.

Businessman, Entrepreneur, World traveler and self taught photographer. Above all: A Wanderer.

Academic: Business School, History of Art and Architecture. Final degree project on The Romantic Landscape. Santa Fe Photographic Workshop (2020), Filter Photo Chicago (2020), Meeting Place Houston (2022, 2024). Coaching by Sasha Wolf, NY (2020)

Capturing reality as it is: here and now, no settings, minimal digital processing. Inspired by the Landscape artists of the XIX th Century: Constable, Turner, Corot. The Barbizon School, the Hudson River School, Thomas Hart Benton, Milton Avery or C.D. Friedrich among many others who have captured the poetry within the landscape and mankind's place within it.

An European vision of the American Landscape in the tradition of the Road Trip as in the films from Wim Wenders, Lars Von Trier. My photographs are no other than "Road Stills". They try to capture the harshness and poetry, the harmony yet the disturbance of rural living and its impact on the landscape.

Remoteness, sometimes grandiosity, extreme climate conditions only add drama to this introspective vision of one as part of Nature. Desolation, solitude, even poverty but always showed from their bright side. I try to convey the stillness, quiet and calm. No ruins, no devastation, no havoc.

There is no human presence in my photos. This solitude is what creates the tension. But to emphasize this solitude I just leave man's trace without literally humanizing the scene. Pole lines that criss cross the land. Empty, endless country roads pointing to the horizon line. Sometimes it's not clear where these roads are going as they seem to exist on their own without an obvious destination.

"I try to capture in my paintings not only what is seen, but what it's not seen: atmosphere, mood, stillness, the smallness of man." (Asher Durand: Letters on Landscape Painting)

 "Art is infested by other Art". (Leo Steinberg)




Address: Apartado de Correos 70, 07670 Portocolom, Illes Balears, Spain.